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Past Life Regression

Have you ever wondered if you have lived before?  Have you ever been to a place for the first time, yet felt that this place is familiar and that you have been there before?  Have you ever met people for the first time, yet felt familiarity like you have known them for a long time? This may be because you have been there or known them in a previous or other life.  I prefer to call them other lives as there is a theory that all time happens simultaneously, which means that all your lives also happen simultaneously, but you are only aware of the one which you are experiencing at the moment. Hypnosis can help you to gain knowledge of some of the others.


Past Life Regression may allow you to remember previous lives. However, everyone is different, and for some people it may work better than for others. The result will also depend on what your beliefs are.  On the other hand, I have come across people who were skeptical, but had some very vivid experiences of their other lives.


What you experience in hypnosis during Past Life Regression may be one of 3 things: it may be a genuine experience of a past or other life; it may be something symbolic, relevant to something in the life or to a problem the person is experiencing; or it may just be pure imagination, but again may have some relevance, even if this is only understood by the subconscious mind.  It is my opinion that experiences in Past Life Regression always have some relevance, even if they are not a previous life, and something positive is always likely to be gained from it, but frequently they are genuine past lives, some of which can be verified by research.


For example, when I myself underwent Past Life Regression, I found myself to be an agricultural worker, living in a wooden house. I saw scenes of the field I had worked in, the layout of the place where I lived and towards the end of the session a name came to me. I then googled the name and found indeed such a person who had worked on a farm in Norway and gave the place names. Looking at the Google map, I found the exact field I had seen myself working in, exactly as I had seen it, including a triangular area where the workers cottages had been, 2 of which where still standing, exactly in the places where I had seen them during the regression. The roads enclosing this triangular area were still there, and there were wooded areas exactly where I had seen them. I found pictures of folk events where women were wearing exactly the same costumes I had seen the women wearing who were working in the field.  In the regression I saw myself dying in a different house, and the person had indeed moved at some point in his life, and when I looked at the Google map at the place where the person had died, I found a house looking very similar to the one I had seen myself die in. I will one day go there and do some more research, and I do believe that this was indeed a real past life experience.


Once you have had a Past Life Regression session with me, you can do exactly the same again on your own to investigate the same life further or to investigate different lives, although you may find that you get better results if done under guidance. You may also find that after the session you start to remember more and more of that life.


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