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If you are interested in Hynpnotherapy and Past Life Regression services, please see my Therapies and Past Life Regression pages for details. Having trained with Andrew Parr, a well known Harley Street hypnotherapist, I am a member of the Andrew Parr Association.


You will receive an expert service. As a qualified hypnotherapist I am registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register.


Being a qualified meditation teacher, you can also benefit from my meditation training sessions, both in groups and on an individual basis, covering a large number of meditation styles from concentrating on the breath, visualisation, mantras, meditating on objects such as crystals or candles and pathworking, to the less common types of meditation such as shape shifting, as well as sessions just for relaxation. Being not attached to any particular religion, I do not teach anything that is specific only to one religion. Meditation is there for everybody.


If you need help with other things that hypnotherapy addresses, such as Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Self-Hypnosis, help with anxieties, pain, high blood pressure, strokes and so on, please contact me as I will be able to help, both via the hypnotherapy or meditation route.


All sessions are personalised to your individual needs.


You do not have to go anywhere to access my personalised sessions, nor let anybody into your home, as I only operate via Skype. You can enjoy the therapy in the comfort of your own surroundings.


If you have any problems that you would like help with, please email me.  I will get back to you.


Confidentiality is guaranteed.  All records will be kept against a number. Contact details are kept separate from these and destroyed as soon as they are not needed anymore.


Please note that I do not treat children, as I feel that my clients should be old enough to make an informed decision and be able to consent themselves, rather than someone else making the decision for them.

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